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Large Surprise Box

Large Surprise Box

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Allow us to be your personal curator! In this box you can expect a collection of 7 pieces pulled from archive collections, never seen before samples and tried and true favorites! We would love to tell you more but it's a surprise! Our Surprise Box is our best value to date! Enjoy a Surprise Jewelry Box filled with jewelry which can include necklaces, bracelets, and/or earrings. Keep it all for yourself, or have little extra to share the fun with friends! 

Products pictured are representative of Surprise Box styles and may not be what you receive in your Surprise Box.

  • Most pieces will be made with Gold Filled material
  • Some pieces may contain gold plated elements
  • Stones can be Swarovski crystal, CZs, or other synthetic stones
  • Duplicate items are possible with purchases of multiple Surprise Boxes
  • Final Sale - no returns, enjoy your surprise!

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