Introducing: KALI  C O L O R S  Collection

Introducing: KALI C O L O R S Collection

If you've been considering a KALI bracelet now is the time to click "add to cart"! The KALI bracelet has been a best seller for 2 years in a row. My new KALI Colors collection is an update to this fabulous style. Choose from 3 delicious colors: white, latte & pink! Any of these colors is sure to liven up your jewelry collection.

KALI Bracelet is white (Click photo to shop.)

KALI Bracelet in Latte. (Click photo to shop.)

KALI Bracelet in Pink. (Click photo to shop)

KALI Bracelet in gold. (Click photo to shop.)

Full Size Range Added!

Another reason to order the KALI bracelet -it's now available in a full size run! While the KALI Choker necklace comes with an adjustable chain extender, I found that having a chain extender on the KALI Bracelet just didn't give the right fit for most customers. Most customers were looking for a snug fit so the bracelet would lay flat and didn't want the extra chain hanging down. So I decided to add size options to the KALI bracelet. You can select your perfect fit when you order online! The sizes run from as small as Petite to X-large. Check the new sizes below:

KALI Bracelet Sizes

Petite - 6.5 inches

X-small - 6.75 inches

Small - 7 inches

Medium - 7.5 inches

Large - 7.75 inches

X-Large - 8 inches

Click photo to shop the KALI Collection.

Click photo to shop the KALI Choker in gold.



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