My Approach to Winter Style

My Approach to Winter Style

Being a Los Angeles resident I can't effectively give my take on fall/winter style until a few months into the season. Now that I've experienced a few weeks of "cold" weather I have narrowed down my key pieces for the season. Read on for the fall fashion trends that have guided me this winter:


This one was particularly easy to incorporate over the holidays. Red nails, red sweater, red sweats, etc. Of the many shades that have been popular this season I favor a bright carmine red, I find it so flattering on South Asian skin tones. I am still on the hunt for a beautiful red jumper to wear but I have been able to procure a sporty red sweatshirt that has been a good stand in. I have also decided on red nail polish in my manicure rotation, I love the bright color contrasted on dark winter hued clothing. 


I was a little worried that we would be trapped in a bad 1980s flashback when I read silver was a new metallic shade. Personally I love it in a ballet flat or bill fold wallet. Lucky for me my vintage Italian knit silver jacket (referred to as my "chainmail jacket" by loved ones) fit the bill perfectly. I hadn't worn it in a few seasons and I'm glad it's having it's moment now. I used to find it hard to style but I've discovered that it goes best with winter white. 


This is another trend who's second coming has made most millennials nervous! I am happy to report that I am fully on board with ballet flats. The way it flatteringly elongates the food and adds sophistication to every outfit makes me question why we even abandoned it. They are so comfortable too! My top tips for making ballet flats work for you: look for one with a slightly square toe, this will differentiate it from the round toe ballet flats of 2005. Secondly, make sure your ballet flats have at least a leather upper, you want your feet to breathe- trust me on this one! I have been very happy with this pair of black crocodile ballet flats- would up matching perfectly with my black crocodile purse that I switched to for the season. 


This one has been tricky to figure out how to wear in California. But after much people watching I think the formula is overcoat + t-shirt+ jeans. I'm not sure I'll get to this trend this winter (I'm still enjoying my wool shacket I bought last year) but I have it bookmarked for next winter. 


I am perennially  obsessed with velvet bows! It is very exciting that this has emerged as a trend for everything from whimsical hair styles to holiday decor. I have not tried out this trend for myself but it's on my list to test drive just as soon as I master tying a bow. 

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