Office Tour: A look into the NOORNOIR work space

Office Tour: A look into the NOORNOIR work space

I'm so excited to take you on a tour of my office today. If you didn't already know NOORNOIR is a one-woman operation, every piece of jewelry has been touched by my hands, every marketing campaign is designed by me, every order has been packed by me personally. It may be a small space but I'm amazed by the magic I've been able to create from this tiny area! Read on to get to know the space.

Since I have a small desk, nearly every space that is not my desk top is used as storage. I like to store things in boxes and trays that are more decorative rather than bins meant for organizing. Seeing beautiful items all around me keeps me constantly inspired in my space. I picked up the basket pictured here during my trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I like to use it for storing loose beads and charms. 

I keep my latest samples on display so I can study them closely and determine what adjustments need to be made. After I finish a new sample, I fit it on a jewelry on form so I can get a sense of how it will hang on the wearer. The hourglass is actually a 30 minute timer, when I'm having trouble focusing I use the "Kitchen Timer Method" to stay focused on completing a task. 

Vintage fashion and 70s jewelry are such a huge source on inspiration for me so anytime I see a book on vintage fashion I have to pick it up. My friends have also picked up on this trait so I'm lucky to have received a lot of these books as gifts. The photo of the Palace of Westminster is also vintage, it was taken by my grandfather. When I visited London for the first time earlier this year, the the Palace of Westminster looked very different!

I use this white board to hang up photos of whatever is inspiring me lately. I still like to tear pages out of magazines, although these days I find myself saving pages from travel magazines rather than fashion ones! Buying post card prints from museum gift shops is another tradition of mine, I keep a few on display as part of my "mood board". I rotate them every few weeks so I can be re-inspired by works of art that struck me when I saw them in person at the museum. Color swatches and photos are also mixed in, occasionally I will hang my calendar there as well. The NOORNOIR sign above the whiteboard is there primarily because I didn't have space for it anywhere else, but I also like it there because it makes the office look very official! I painted sign the sign myself and it took me a total three hours on a rainy afternoon. 

I have one desk at which all my work gets done. Everything from emails to accounting to designing and producing gets done on this desk. As a result it is always a) COVERED in stuff and b) constantly transitioning between tasks. I keep my laptop out most of the time but when I'm ready to design the the lap top gets folded up and put away in the shelf so I have room to work. Trays are essential for when I'm designing or assembling jewelry so that if I need to clear off my desk I can do it in a snap! I usually keep one tray for each design so I can stay organized between pieces and lines. I have little porcelain bowls and wooden dishes that are the perfect size for beads and jump rings (also collected on various trips). 

I used to use a regular dining chair for my desk, but after a minor car accident I have issues with my left shoulder so I had to switch to an ergonomic chair to better support my back. Of course I would not be representing my office accurately if I did not include the coffee cup in the picture! I cannot start my day without caffeine so there is always a mug at my desk. 

Thank you for taking an interest in my work space! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 




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This was one of my favorite posts of all time! I love getting a visual and richly detailed look into your office life! Thanks for sharing Noor!


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