A Note From Our Founder

A Note From Our Founder

Dear friends & shoppers,

It's taken me a couple of days to gather my thoughts and in that same time a lot has changed, especially in NOORNOIR's hometown of Los Angeles. There has been a local to state to nationwide government response to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. While I worry for our collective health, as a small business owner it's hard not to worry that everything you've been working on building for the last few years might slowly disappear.

I have accepted that trunk shows this year will have to look a little different. As I cancel my birthday plans I have accepted that my annual birthday sale (which is supposed to happen next week) may not be as big as years past. I have accepted that things are going to be different.

I'm so appreciative of your support of my small business during this time, to say thank you I would like to share the following:

  • 25% off your entire online order with code STAYHOME through 3/31/20
  • FREE Shipping on all domestic orders!
  • 10% of profits from orders placed by 3/31/20 will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank  *[Update: As of 4/3/20, 10% of proceeds from all orders will continue to be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank until 4/30/20.]
  • NOORNOIR is now live on Afterpay to make split payments with 0% interest possible for customers. 

I am taking all reasonable measures to minimize the impact to my customers. If you have any immediate questions about your orders, please feel free to email hello@noornoir.com. All jewelry pieces are sanitized before shipping out but I recommend sanitizing shipping boxes/mailers before you open them. According to the CDC, there currently is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with shipment of goods and there have been no reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with shipment of goods.

Finally, to raise our collective spirits I want to highlight the good things that may come from this quarantine time (please keep in mind these are simply my impressions):

  • Great art! When I studied studio art in college I realized that having a social life seriously cut into time I needed to spend working on my art. Now that social gatherings are literally banned it's time to re-connect with your inner artist!
  • Hobbies! Growing up I always felt like such a weirdo for preferring to stay inside and enjoy painting, sewing, scrapbooking over socializing. I had so many hobbies I had to actively choose which ones to stop doing as I got busier. I look forward to people discovering a hobby they love!
  • Healthier choices! As those of us who are fortunate enough to work from home gain back commute times, learn to cook meals at home and make time for rest and exercise everyday I hope we all come out of this with the healthy lifestyle we've always aspired to!

I am grateful that all that is being asked of me is to stay home and practice social distancing. I am grateful that my home is a safe and welcome place for me (I realize that this may not be the case for everyone). I am grateful that I have the luxury of being able to work from home and thankful for the healthcare professionals, cashiers, restaurant workers, drivers & delivery workers that are going in to work for us!


Noor Molvi

Founder/Designer of NOORNOIR

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