The NOORNOIR Jewelry Pieces I wear Everyday

The NOORNOIR Jewelry Pieces I wear Everyday

I'm so proud that NOORNOIR has such a wide selection of jewelry at all price points. I know it can be daunting to have so many different options to choose from so I wanted to highlight the 5 pieces that I wear everyday!

Before I stared making jewelry for NOORNOIR I was frustrated by the way my costume jewelry would tarnish after a few wears, sometimes even just from sitting in my jewelry box! That's why it was so important to me that NOORNOIR have a selection of gold filled jewelry that is guaranteed to last. Gold filled is a wonderful material that is safer for sensitive skin and wears just like real gold. I love that it can be recycled and that the gold stays brilliant even if you have oily skin (like me). So it won't surprise you to read that the majority of my daily pieces are gold filled. 

1. The VILLA coin hoops

Shop the VILLA Hoops 

From the moment I designed these hoop earrings I haven't stopped reaching for them! These were actually my first pair of hoop earrings and after owning them I understand completely why they are a necessity for so many women. There is just something about hoop earrings that brings out your natural beauty. I've been wearing the same pair for over a year and the gold filled hoops look the same as the first day I wore them (with the help of regular cleanings). The 24K gold plated coin charms have maintained their shiny-ness and add a sophisticated finish to this timeless style. I believe in this style so much I created a "look for less version", click here to shop the ANTALYA hoop earrings

2. The HARP Pearl Necklace

Shop the HARP Necklace

I love layering my necklaces and the HARP necklace is always in the mix! The HARP necklace is a fresh take on the classic single pearl necklace. I'm always reaching for the necklace because pearl details are everywhere these days! I received an heirloom pearl charm as an anniversary gift and added it onto my HARP necklace and I love the way the vintage pearl and fresh pearl look together (see photo below):

4. The BEVERLY Ball Chain Necklace

Shop the BEVERLY Necklace

I'm all about adding texture and variety into your layers so the BEVERLY ball chain is always in rotation for me. Pictured above with the HARP necklace, this duo never fails me. I find it remarkable that the BEVERLY necklace never tangles itself with other necklaces. Silver ball chains always looked very utilitarian to me but seeing it in gold instantly transforms it into a delicate, lacy necklace. I can always count on the BEVERLY necklace to add a level of glam to any look!


Shop the ODYSSEY Anklet

I'll be honest, I was never an anklet girl! The idea of designing anklets came from customers who kept requesting them. I'm so glad I listened to all of you because I can't imagine not wearing the ODYSSEY anklet everyday! I particularly like the ODYSSEY anklet because the delicate chain does not compete with my shoes. It's so lightweight that I forget I'm even wearing it. Best of all, this anklet is gold filled and safe to wear in water. I've been showering and swimming in my ODYSSEY anklet for 3 months now and it hardly looks worn. 

5. The CATALINA Beaded Bracelet

Shop the CATALINA Bracelet

I love stacking my bracelets and the key to a successful stack is getting the proportions right. The CATALINA bracelet is the ideal foundation piece for any arm party as it is smaller than my chunky styles and heavier than my more dainty pieces, as you can see in the above photo with the JOIE bracelet and ZUNNI bracelet. I love the feminine look of the gold ball beads on my wrist. The CATALINA bracelet also echoes the look of the BEVERLY ball chain necklace, I think their difference in scale is why they compliment each other so well. This bracelet is made from gold vermeil (heavy gold plating) beads and in particular the plating is done on top of silver which makes it a great option for daily wear. 

Which of your jewelry do you wear everyday? Comment below and let me know!



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