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The Jewelry I'm Wearing With My Sweats to Stay Home

It seems that the internet has deemed that jeans will not be worn during quarantine, which means that I finally have an excuse to live exclusively in loungewear! Matching sets, cozy knit fabrics, sweatsuits are what my style dreams are made of. While I've adopted a casual uniform to wear while staying home I haven't abandoned the practice of wearing jewelry. My appearance may not be of much importance these days but I have found that when I get ready properly I am much more positive and productive. These days that looks like loungewear set + NOORNOIR jewelry + some attempt at doing my hair (I'm missing my hair dresser extra right now).

In the spirit of sharing what is helping me to keep a positive attitude I've rounded up the best NOORNOIR jewelry to wear while staying home! These pieces will have you looking fresh from the neck up-which is all that matters for a Zoom call! I find that simple layering of necklaces and bracelets suit me the best. I'm wearing almost exclusively hoop and huggie earrings as mine are quick to put on and lightweight (I forget that I'm even wearing them!). My gold filled stapes are still serving me well as they don't have to be removed for hand washing and dish washing (both of which I am doing constantly it seems!).

Look 1: Cozy Glam

Items in this look:

  1. FAYE Herringbone Choker
  2. PALISADES Single Crystal Chain (with "N" pendant from my personal collection)
  3. POLARIS North Star Coin Necklace

Items in this look:

  1. PARIS Crystal Bracelet
  2. *Coming soon* seashell bracelet
  3. KALI colors bracelet in "Latte"

Look 2: Minty Fresh

Items in this look:

  1. CHIARA Crystal Necklace
  2. KALI Chain Choker Necklace
  3. COSMO Double Pendant Necklace

Items in this look:

Look 3: Heavy Metal

Items in this look:

  1. MELROSE Chunky Chain Necklace (adjusted to wear as a choker)
  2. ANITA Herringbone Chain Necklace (on sale!)
  3. VICTORY Coin Necklace (out of stock, but shop more coin necklaces here)

Items in this look:

  1. LARKIN Double Crystal Gold Filled Ring
  2. CATALINA Ball Bead Stretch Bracelets (one sale!)
  3. MELROSE Chunky Chain Bracelet
  4. Pearl bracelet from my personal collection (actually got this bracelet when I was 11 and recently rediscovered it when I was spring cleaning!). 

I love a good statement piece and my chunky earrings however those items seem better suited to wearing with spring dresses and blousy tops. So I've packed them away for now and am looking forward to the days when dressing up and going out are back on the table. In my effort to give back to my local community 10% of proceeds from all orders placed in the month of April will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Last month through my "Stay Home" Sale we raised and donated enough funds for 400 meals! 



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