Office Reveal: The New & Improved NOORNOIR Workspace

Office Reveal: The New & Improved NOORNOIR Workspace

Today I am sharing the new and improved NOORNOIR office! You can see what the office previously looked like in this post. NOORNOIR has grown a lot since the last tour so the office was due for an update which included more storage and more space to work. My approach to this makeover was to continue to add pieces that would make my existing furniture more functional. I loved how my keepsakes were front and center in my old set up but the reality is that I needed more organization and clear spaces to work. Read on for all of the details!

As any small business owner will tell you, we are juggling a variety of tasks on any given day so adding a second desk is a huge time saver! I use the desk to the right when I'm working on the computer usually answering emails, pricing jewelry, planning social media content, etc. The vintage patterned rug was an Etsy find and it makes the office feel so much more home-y!

The center desk is my "creation station" where I design and make all of my jewelry. I store materials in the shelf behind this desk and the swivel chair makes it easy to grab materials as needed. I was in desperate need of better lighting for jewelry making and I was delighted to discover this lamp from Home Depot that looks so chic! I also use this area to pack your orders! 

Now that I'm using so many more materials, adding more storage was crucial! I bought another of these shelves from Ikea, I like that each square is modular and Ikea sells a wide range of accessories to customize even further. I like these polka dot bins for tossing things in and hiding what is usually an unorganized mess!

I chose to repurpose this bottle rack insert into bead storage by using these narrow trays I got from Amazon which allow me to organize materials by color/type.

Rather than have my chains/charms/pearls mixed together in a bin, I installed two sets of these drawers to my Ikea shelves. The drawer pulls they came with were tiny so I replaced them with vintage inspired loop drawer pulls I found on Etsy, they really make these simple shelves look custom! Inside the drawers I used a variety of clear trays to keep everything organized. 

Finally, I wanted to create an area that could function as a "showroom" to display my new samples. I like having easy access to the samples so I can try them on and make adjustments to perfect the design. I chose an arched mirror to break up the all of the squares created by the shelves as it softens the overall look. 

Thanks for stopping by to checkout my new office space! I'm thrilled with how the space came together and everyday I look forward to working in this space. Have any questions about the products I used? Let me know in the comments!
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