How NOORNOIR Jewelry Improved in 2019

How NOORNOIR Jewelry Improved in 2019

In addition to great design, I also strive for NOORNOIR to be known for great quality! That is why I am always tweaking my designs to make sure I'm putting out the best possible version of each product. Read on to learn about the improvements I made to NOORNOIR this year:

New Categories

In 2019 I took the plunge and launched TWO new categories: anklets & rings! These were by far the most requested items in 2018. I had never really worn an anklet so I was intimidated to start designing them. But after wearing my ODYSSEY anklet for three months straight I am a total convert! Safe to say you can look forward to many more anklet and ring designs in 2020. 

Expanded Gold Filled Selection

Last year I added a few gold filled pieces to NOORNOIR's selection. I love the way this material wears so much that I made the choice to expand NOORNOIR's gold filled offerings to every category (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings & anklets too!). There are so many benefits to gold filled material but my favorites are that it is safe for sensitive skin and wears better. You will keep your gold filled pieces for longer and wear them more often! My gold filled VILLA hoops from 2018 are still one of my most worn pair of earrings. 

Chain Extensions

Old chain extensions not in use anymore.

New chain extensions that are have become standard!

As I expand my selection of chokers & anklets I find that chain extensions give the wearer more options for length and fit. When I first started adding chain extensions they were were not made from the same materials as the chains themselves and would tarnish over time. I've since sourced better quality chain extensions that are the new standard for NOORNOIR. They are gold plated and non-tarnish, they also have overall superior finishing with the tear drop bead at the end. 

More Colors in Best Sellers

Clearly the CLARK hoop earrings and KALI bracelets are best sellers for a reason! I decided to give more options in these fan favorite styles with the addition of color! I could not be happier with the response to all the new colors in these pieces. Check out the CLARK colors here and the KALI colors here

Expanded Size Range

I aim to make all my designs not dependent on size or adjustable. However I did reach a point where I had to acknowledge that some things just look their best when they fit! Namely the KALI bracelet; initially I used a chain extension to make the bracelet adjustable but I wasn't happy with how much chain was left hanging off. From there I decided to offer a full size range in KALI bracelets so you can choose your perfect fit!  

Improved Photography


This may seem like a small thing but I felt it was so crucial for an exceptional online shopping experience. I've always been proud of the NOORNOIR product photos but up until this year I actually used to shoot them all on my iPhone! Not to say that you can't take a great photo on iPhone but I felt it was not optimal for the online shopping experience. Switching to a real camera really improved the quality of my product photos and I am now content that customers can zoom in on all the little details of my jewelry before they click "add to cart"

Here's to continuing to grow and improve in the new year! 



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